Gail and I recently celebrated our birthdays and anniversary by going on a cruise out of Miami. We stopped in the Bahamas, St. Thomas (USVI), Puerto Rico, and Grand Turk. We had a great time, even with all the shenanigans that occurred. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip…


I found the traffic cops in the Bahamas very photogenic…


No one in this work crew (also in the Bahamas) knew exactly what was going on…


I felt a bit like a photo-journalist (albeit a sneaky one) taking photos of this mother with her kids, while they were waiting for the bus…


Sunset in St.Thomas…


A Puerto Rican policeman…


A street peddler in Puerto Rico. He thought I worked for NatGeo, and wanted me to put his photo on a billboard in L.A.


I thought this cat was neat, sitting on the cobblestone street under a car…I found out minutes later there are hundreds of cats running around San Juan. That made this cat a little less special, but this photo turned out great…


Grand Turk from the boat…




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