Oh, how I love picnics! This is how they make me feel:


Whenever possible, I prefer to make a huge deal out of our meals; I pretty much go overboard. Why not?


With a little extra effort, a picnic can be enjoyed anywhere.


Pack a bunch of food, grab a few friends and hit the road, or just escape to the rooftops like these diners:


If no one is available when you are in the mood, a solo outing is also gobs of fun, make sure you wear heels and bring a good book.



When I was a kid in Kodiak, my brother caught us a fish and cooked it over a fire right there on the bank of the river, this picture reminded me of how delicious that was! Turquoise dishes were not apart of our experience, but it really couldn’t have been improved upon. Food tastes better outside, doesn’t it?


Enjoy picnic season!


2 thoughts on “Picnics!

  1. I love picnics too! We had one planned on Sunday but the weather was awful so we had an indoor picnic instead! It’s the spirit of the event that’s important 🙂

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