Glacier National Park–The First Trip: Part 4

We had no idea the morning was shaping up to be so exciting. We woke up to clear blue skies, cool temps, and dew. It was amazing, to put it simply. I could go to Glacier 8 times a year and it would be amazing every time. The scenery might be the same, but you see it in a new light every time you’re there.

Not a Bad Morning...

I learned something during the night. If you don’t have an insulated sleeping pad you WILL get cold from the bottom. We ate our now customary oatmeal for breakfast, and I was in the tent getting my stuff together so we could hit the trail. The plan was to hike back down the pass, and paddle back down the lake. Our hope was to paddle back before it got too windy. So there I was stuffing my mummy bag, and Jared was…well, Jared was doing his usual morning duties. (Sorry Jared, this is a good story, it must be told.) Suddenly I heard a grunting noise I’d never heard before, and an unknown entity racing through the bushes. I popped my head out of the tent just in time to see two does racing through the woods at break-neck speed in obvious panic. Something was up. I ran down the trail to the food prep area. From there, I saw three Grizzlies lumbering through the meadow, in no apparent hurry. Surreal. I sprinted as fast as I could back toward the tent, past it, then to the pit toilet, where Jared was perched enjoying the view and the latest Archie’s Digest comic book. OK, the comic book thing was a lie, but it is a great visual, isn’t it? Remind me to come back to the toilet in a minute. “Jared! Jared, there’s Grizzlies out here!” I yelled as quiet as I could in my excitement. I didn’t wait for a response of any kind. I bolted back toward the meadow. I tell you what…Jared was suddenly right behind me, burning up my heels. Never has anyone in the history of earth vacated the throne so fast. I still have questions about the sequence of events that have never been answered. Like hygiene questions. I’ll leave it at that. We snuck down the trail, seeing if we could get another glimpse of the bears. Yeah, I know, pretty stupid. Searching for three Grizzly bears in the woods. Hahahaha. It’s too bad, too, that Jared never got to see them after so much exertion. About the toilet…I’ve never used one with a better view.

Everyone Needs a Good Talk Once In Awhile--A Few Minutes Before the Chaos




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