Late-Night Pancakes

It’s exactly 10:08 pm. This is my first blog-post ever. My wife is making me gluten-free pancakes, with almond butter and homemade (locally) maple syrup. She’s running around with a spatula, talking about 8 things at once, which are all important in some way, with more than just a little thought behind each. You see, that’s Gail for you. She’s observant. She thinks about things. On occasion, she’ll then think about “it”, whatever “it” is, a little more, and then give the subject a spin and think about it again in a whole new light. The kitchen is a bit smokey at the moment, but everything’s under control. I hear a fresh scoop of batter sizzling in our black cast-iron pan. Gail loves her cast-iron pans. And while I wasn’t a huge fan at first, they’re growing on me. They really just make things taste good. They add  a unique flavor that’s hard to describe. Like how you smell like “outside” when you come in from the cold. It’s hard to describe that smell, yet it is uniquely distinct. “Hope you like cold ‘cakes”, she says. I guess I’ll just leave it at that for now. I have some ‘cakes to eat.



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