A Virtual Tour

Have you ever visited GoodReads.com? If you’re a bookworm or are wondering if you should be, I suggest you check it out. Look up the books you’ve read, rate them, and the librarian in the sky will recommend books to you based on your recorded reading patterns. If you are in a reading rut, this is a good place to find inspiration! I am currently reading Alexander McCall Smith’s The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Series. Has anyone else read these? What about Smith’s other books? Should I?

Ravelry.com and KnitPicks.com are two of my favorite sites for knitters. Keep track of projects, trade yarn, find patterns, and more! Meanwhile, check out these amazing Harmony Wood Needles: Options Interchangeable Harmony Wood Circular Knitting Needle Tips from KnitPicks.com – Colorful birch needle tips.

Brian mentioned in our bio that I’m really into “lots of tea.” He’s right! Take a look at HuesAndBrews.com for all sorts of coffee and tea accessories. (Accessories?) I am in love with their cast iron teapots, weighing approximately 175 lbs, (the teapot, not me.) I don’t own one, but I have used them and am convinced that they enhance the flavor of my tea. Is this possible?

One more! JoyTheBaker.com is for anyone who loves beautiful pictures of food…. I have gotten a lot of great recipes from her friendly site. Here’s one: Spinach Feta Blood Orange Salad — Joy the Baker.

Thanks for visiting our blog! Please share with us your website or blog, leave us a comment, or remain anonymous, it’s up to you.



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